Zip code 35430

State Municipality City Settlement Type
Durango Guanaceví - Agua Caliente Pueblo
Durango Guanaceví - Arroyo del Corral Ranchería
Durango Guanaceví - Arroyo Seco Ranchería
Durango Guanaceví - Coscomate Ejido
Durango Guanaceví - El Cerro Pueblo
Durango Guanaceví - El Mortero Ranchería
Durango Guanaceví - La Labor de San Javier Ranchería
Durango Guanaceví - La Soledad Ranchería
Durango Guanaceví - Los Álamos Pueblo
Durango Guanaceví - Los Ídolos Ranchería
Durango Guanaceví - Los Nopales Ranchería
Durango Guanaceví - Portales Ranchería

Postal code 35430 Guanaceví (Durango)

You are in the zip code 35430 or cp 35430. This postal code belongs to the municipality of Guanaceví in the state of Durango. We show you a list of all the streets belonging to this zipcode. For more detailed information about street numbers, please click on the corresponding street name.

Almost always the first 2 digits of the postal code of a locality or municipality coincide with that of its province, but there are some that do not meet this criterion. These municipalities are usually located on the border between two provinces and, due to territorial or administrative organization, have become part of another province.