Zip codes in the province of Lugo (prefix 27)

Postal codes or zip codes beginning with 27 are from the province of Lugo

You are in the zip code 27, belonging to the province of Lugo. Here you will find the full list of zip codes beginning with 27, as well as the towns to which these zip codes belong.

The prefix of a postal code corresponds to the first two of the five digits that compose it. These 2 digits indicate the province to which the postal code belongs. In Spain there are 52 prefixes, corresponding to the 50 provinces plus the two autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. These prefixes were assigned in alphabetical order, with Álava receiving 01, Barcelona 08, Madrid 28 or Zaragoza 50. The 51 and 52 were assigned to Ceuta and Melilla respectively.