San Francisco del Oro zip code

Zip code Settlement Type City Zone
33500 12 de Octubre Colonia - Urbano
33500 15 de Mayo Colonia - Urbano
33500 20 de Noviembre Colonia - Urbano
33506 5 de Mayo Barrio - Urbano
33504 Agua Zarca Ranchería - Rural
33515 Boquilla de San José Ranchería - Rural
33500 Cuadrillas Verdes Colonia - Urbano
33517 Granadeña Ranchería - Rural
33500 Guillermo Baca Colonia - Rural
33500 Hospital Colonia - Rural
33500 INDE Barrio - Urbano
33516 La Casita Ranchería - Rural
33500 La Rosita (Minera Frisco) Colonia - Urbano
33500 Las Tres Marías Ranchería - Rural
33500 Magisterial Colonia - Rural
33505 Paso de Molina Ranchería - Rural
33500 San Francisco Colonia - Urbano
33500 San Francisco del Oro Centro Colonia - Rural
33505 San José de los Baylón Ranchería - Rural
33500 Zacatecas Colonia - Rural

Complete list of zip codes for San Francisco del Oro (Chihuahua)

33500 33504 33505 33506 33515 33516 33517

Postal code of San Francisco del Oro (Chihuahua)

You are in San Francisco del Oro, state of Chihuahua. You can check the zip code of any settlement, street, asentamiento, ranchería, colonia, town, etc. in the municipality of San Francisco del Oro. For more detailed information click on the settlement you want to consult and you will be able to see the associated zip codes.

In the case of the municipality of San Francisco del Oro the zip codes are not always associated with a single settlement or population, but the same zip code may include several towns or villages. Or even neighborhoods belonging to different localities. Locations with a large territory and/or population have several postal codes, while smaller ones have only one postal code associated with them.